Frequently Asked Questions

You're way more important than you realize. Find answers to some of the most common questions about getting content delivered from PayPer here. Feel free to call us up for anything else that worry's you.

Q: Where are you based out of? »

Q: Where are you based out of?

We are based out of NOIDA in Delhi NCR, but we make our presence felt pretty much everywhere. We've worked with a cross-country portfolio of 1000+ clients and service clients in international regions of South-East Asia and Europe as well.

Q. You guys are not based in my city. How would you work remotely?

Our systems and processes allow us to seamlessly handle all orders remotely. As a first step to any work, we grab a complete project download through our carefully crafted questionnaire that you're asked to fill up. We further deep dive into the nuances of the project via a quick brainstorming session over a phone call or a Hangouts/ Skype call. Our initial deep dive and research into the nitty gritties of the projects leaves no room for fallouts. Hence, location is no constraint.

Q. Who are PayPer writers?

Our writers are a mix of knowledge workers who just happen to be pretty good at writing. All PayPer writers are English speakers, and pass a series of very difficult writing and grammar tests to be a part of the PayPer Content Management team.

Q: You have a good portfolio but you haven't written anything specific to my industry.

From content on finance and block chain dynamics to political news stories, we have seen and written it all. We have been serving our clients from a variety of industries with specifically curated content and come to you with an assorted team of writers and a wealth of experience. We work on your content as per your requirements and frequently ask questions to keep it on the right track. You can see lots of examples of PayPer writing in our "Works" section. Each one was written by a PayPer writer, and if you keep scrolling, you'll see hundreds of samples from dozens of industries! When we write for you, we promise exactly the quality, the length and the general feel of the posts as shared in our portfolio, with customization specific to your business needs. Ofcourse, you can feel free to request samples specific to your industry anytime if you do not find them listed on our website.

Q: My content is a reflection of my brand. I don't think your writers can write that!

There's a personal element to content creation, and as a result, outsourcing content writing can feel absolutely overwhelming. But, it can be done. We've written for thousands of businesses and trust us to write for you as well. If a piece of content doesn't feel right for your brand, you can request revisions. However, if you're working on deeply specific content, you may want to have our writers do a draft for you and later edit it, as per your personal needs.

Q: Will the content be written exclusively for me? How do I know it is not copied from somewhere?

We take plagiarism very seriously for we understand it can be hopelessly damaging to a brand. We use CopyScape Premium, one of the most advanced anti-plagiarism software on the market, which scans your content and compares it to millions of pages on the World Wide Web to check for duplicate content before it is delivered to you. Secondly, our writers sign a no-plagiarism pledge when getting onboard with us. We employ a strict no tolerance policy, and any writer who violates the policy is permanently removed from our system. Our promise remains - all of our content is exclusively written for one client, and when you accept a piece of content, you'll receive full copyright control over it.

Q: I want to talk to the writer.

A client servicing representative is assigned to all projects and is the right person to speak with during all phases of the project. Ask why? Obviously because a CSR comes with a wealth of branding experience and can use it to visualize your content in terms of tonality and roadmap before a writer gets to writing it. A writer remains just a writer; however, the CSR becomes the brain behind your writing gig and hence, should be your single point of contact.

Q. Do you upload content on the website or on the blog after you write it?

Nope, we do not upload content on your website or blog; we only e-mail it to you. Technology is forever evolving and website backends can get way too technical for our writers to operate. It is always recommended that your content is uploaded by your technical team as they are accustomed to your website backend and related practices.

Q: Are photos included?

Our base plan includes just the content, but we offer an optional service, called Photo+, where a trained team member will take a look at the content you've purchased and select an appropriate license-free photo from Google Images service to compliment your content.

Q: You guys are too expensive! I rather hire a freelancer!

Comparing us to freelancers is like comparing apples and oranges. A freelancer is a single resource with limited expertise. In comparison, PayPer Content comes to you with 8+ years of experience and has a team of branding experts and writers deployed to every project that bring in clarity, and value. For our skillset and the industry experience we bring to table, we are fairly priced.

Q: How does the project get handled once I pay?

As a first step, you're asked to fill-up a content questionnaire. Further, our CSR goes on a call with you to grab the project brief, ideate and brainstorm and arrives at a final roadmap. The writer further gets on-the-job to copy write as per the brief and the roadmap and a first draft is submitted to you for feedback. You are free to accept the draft to return it to us for further revisions with your feedback.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

It all depends on your requirements. We usually deliver within 5-7 working days.

Q: How many edits?

How many can you take? We promise you multiple edits till you are satisfied.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

Nope. You pre-pay for any order that you place with us. So, if you want to try us, you can place a short order and see if it works for you. If you love what you're getting and are ready to commit to content marketing for the long haul, you can switch to one of our annual plans. While this does come with a commitment, it also comes with a discount. Or, if you prefer flexibility, stick to paying us on a project-basis. We're happy if you're happy!

Q: What if I am not delivered what I want?

Our CSRs ensure they carry out a full-fledged research on your likes, dislikes, and grab control on the roadmap of the project before they have the writer really write it for you. Obviously, that leaves minimum room for misses. However, if you're still dissatisfied, like we've said before, we promise you multiple edits till you are satisfied. We do not offer refunds however after an order is placed and processed into working.

Q: I'm an agency. Can I use your services for my clients?

As an agency, you only benefit from having PayPer Content as your content management partner. Buy quality content for multiple clients quickly and easily with our agency-focused, discounted bulk and retainership plans. Find writers with industry expertise to supplement your agency's strengths and free up your in-house team to focus on other things. It does not get better than this!

Q: What payment options do you support?

You are free to pay via NEFT/ RTGS directly to our bank account or our Instamojo-powered, secured payment gateway (ask your sales coordinator to generate a secure payment link for you). Our gateway accepts major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX) and comes with EMI options also. We also accept payments through PayTM and UPI. Our international payment is supported by PayPal. In case you're making a payment via a cheque, your order will be processed against the cheque being cleared by our bank only.